What I'm Thankful For - April 2, 2012

Another blessed week!

  • As of my last check-up, Little C is doing well and is in a cephalic, or head-down, position. Here's hoping he stays that way until it's time to come out!
  • My mom very kindly agreed to help me with the plan to encapsulate my placenta! 
  • Two sunny days that gave me and J some mommy-and-baby swimming time. 
  • A chance to catch up with an old friend and chat about our little ones. We've known each other for almost 10 years and she's one of the few friends I have who have kids, so although we go for months without seeing each other, we always have lots to talk about!
  • J added a new sign to his vocabulary! We taught him a sign for "love", so now, when I say "I love you" to him, he makes a hugging motion with his arms to say "I love you" back. He also made up his own sign for blowing bubbles.
  • The rate for one of the projects I worked on this week was a little higher than normal. 
Happy Monday, and have a great week ahead!


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