The Slowdown Begins

I have been relatively active through all my pregnancies. Even through the ninth month, I would still drive myself to the supermarket or to run errands. I figured, as long as I stayed relatively close to home, it was okay, since Big C was close by and could come get me if an emergency came up.

This pregnancy is different though. With working, managing the house and caring for J, I have been more active than normal. Add to that my sudden, strange impulses to fix/clean/organize everything in the house, and I am one busy pregnant woman. The timing also didn't help. In addition to all the wonderful sales (that I just had to go to!) and the start of summer vacation, which meant that old friends suddenly had a lot of time to catch up, I've been out of the house a lot.

Now, with just a little over 6 weeks to go until my due date, Big C has started gently reminding me to cut back on my activities. He specifically requested that I avoid going out by myself unless it was absolutely necessary and to not wander too far from home. My Braxton-Hicks (practice) contractions have started earlier and stronger than before, and since this is my third birth in four years, we're worried that wearing myself out will result in pre-term labor. So as I promised Big C, I imposed a moratorium on myself for the next six weeks to cut back on unnecessary outings, especially if I'll be driving myself.

I have started looking at my schedule and listing the important things I still have to do before giving birth. That includes doing the groceries, doctor's appointments for me and J, banking errands and visits to my mom. But as part of my preparation for Little C's arrival, I've made exceptions for four upcoming mommy activities that I am really, really looking forward to. (Click on the links for more information about each!)

1. Cloth Diapers 101 (April 21, 1:30 to 4:00 pm at the Medela House) - This is organized by Jenny of Chronicles of a Nursing Mom, targeted especially for expectant moms who are interested in using cloth diapers but are intimidated by the idea. We've already started using cloth diapers here at home, but I'll be bringing the two yayas who are caring for my boys so that they also learn about proper usage and cleaning techniques. Moms who are interested in joining the talk can register using this form.

2. How to Increase Milk Supply: Breastfeeding Tips (April 28, 9:00 am at the Medela House) - Every expectant mom worries about the possibility of not having enough milk for their little ones, so I'm definitely attending this session. This session will also include tips on babywearing and since I missed the last babywearing meet, I'm looking forward to clarifying some of my concerns. This talk is organized by The Breastfeeding Club (TBC) of Medela Moms. Registration is needed for this activity, so if you're interested you can text Medela Moms at 0917-5614366 or email Snacks will be provided by Ella Eats and Mommy Treats.

3. Breastfeeding 101 (May 5, 9am at the Medela House) - I missed this talk the first time around and the timing is perfect, since it's just a few weeks before my due date. I'll be able to refresh myself on the important points of breastfeeding and pick up some helpful tips and tricks. I'm also really psyched because I've just about convinced my mom to attend the talk with me.

4. Expo Mom 2012 (May 5-6, Rockwell Tent) - Described as the "premier lifestyle event for moms in Manila, it's a trade expo, all-day workshop, shopping destination, mommy party, family occasion and mompreneur lab all rolled into one", Expo Mom is one of the activities I look forward to yearly, along with the SM Grand Baby Sale and Mommy Diaries. It's a good place to check out the items from Multiply sellers  and my favorite mompreneurs, so there's all kinds of goodies for mommies and kids. (And actually, this doesn't really count since Big C will be going with me.)

So that's it for me! After these 4 activities, it's rest time! And since J is still young enough for me to remember what it was like in the first few weeks, believe me when I tell you that I'll be maximizing the slowdown.


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