Happy MOM-ents: Wakey-wakey, Mommy!

Taking a break from work to record my precious mommy moment for today. :-)

I was feeling a little tired, so I decided to join J for his mid-day nap. I do this every so often, when I need a little shut-eye to get me through the rest of the day. At most, I get about 30-40 minutes of rest, which recharges me enough to finish working. But the best part isn't the nap. It's when J wakes up.

J takes after me. We both have exceedingly warm body temperatures and even in an air-conditioned room, keeping him snuggled next to me can be a bit uncomfortable for both of us. But today, missing the feel of my little boy, I cuddled him close with my arm around his tummy and Little C thumping away against his big brother's back.

When he rolled over, he woke up and when he saw me there, he smiled the happy, "hey, mommy!" smile he has when he's surprised to find me next to him. He put his little arms around my neck and sneaked his fingers into my ears and started to tickle me. It's a game Big C and I play with him, where we pretend to shriek with laughter when he tickles our ears. He loves it and it always makes him laugh.

So it's back to work for me! Enjoy the rest of the day! :-)


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