Pregnancy Guessing Games

Guess the body part is a common game played by expectant parents, especially when you reach that point in your pregnancy when your tummy starts undulating in strange waves because of the movements of the tiny human being inside. But last night, Big C and I took it one step further, speculating on what our newest son would be like.

We often wonder what it would be like to have two boys. Based on Big C's remembrances of what it was like for his nephews, it will most likely be a smaller version of Royal Rumble. While sisters fight as well, apparently brothers tend to do it with a lot more gusto. And force. Yikes.

While talking about it, we also found strange connections between what I was like during my pregnancy with J and how he is now, little idiosyncrasies that we attributed to pregnancy in general, but strangely, may explain why J is the way he is sometimes.

For instance, when I was pregnant with J, I was really into spicy food. This is strange because for most of my life, I usually stayed away from spicy food. When I started loving chili sauce, hot sauce, and wasabi, we thought it was just my taste buds maturing. Now, J as a 17-month-old toddler, can eat wasabi peanuts and loves Mentos mints. He's kinda gross though. He'll eat it until the wasabi wears off, then spit the nuts out. Of course, Mommy has no choice but to eat it. Funny story. He was sitting with my father-in-law, engaging in their favorite activity (munching). I wondered why his Kong-kong kept asking him if he wanted more, because it was obvious that he did, until my FIL told us that the squid flakes they were eating were really spicy. He found it strange that J didn't complain at all. In fact, he loved it.

Also, when I was pregnant with J, I barely used the blanket at night. It was always there, but I never really used it. As for J? Well, he abhors blankets. He'll kick them off no matter what, so we don't bother covering him up when he sleeps. We just put him in long-sleeved jammies and socks and he's good for the night. And his body is always warm. If you sleep with his head close to yours, I swear, you'll feel the heat waves radiating off the top. Big C says it was the same way with me when I was pregnant. According to him, it was like sleeping next to a space heater.

Now with Little C, I'm the exact opposite. I'm into sweets and fruits, not the spicy stuff. Red velvet cupcakes were the first indication of pregnancy cravings, although I didn't know back then that I was already pregnant. And up until now, as in right this minute, I'd kill for a red velvet cupcake. I also love being wrapped up in my blanket while sleeping, although I don't really feel cold.

My obsessive need for order, which is nothing new, has risen to epic levels. I've sorted and organized most of our room, the clothes waiting for Little C, the kids' bedroom, the playroom and now, I have my eye on the kitchen. I can't stop trying to sort and organize. I have made a list of what to take to the hospital which is divided into smaller lists (my stuff, Little C's stuff, kitchen stuff, etc.), a list of tasks for Big C to take care of when D-day (delivery day) comes, the important phone calls he would to make for me (cord blood banking, pediatrician, lactation consultant). Big C jokingly asked me if I have a list of my lists. He was flabbergasted when I said seriously, "Of course, I do!"

So will Little C have a sweet tooth and love being bundled up in blankets while sleeping and have an obsession with order? I don't know. But one thing's for sure though. We're looking forward to finding out and with less than 8 weeks to go until D-day, I'm getting more and more excited by the day.

Hope you had a great day, mommies! Time to take my little munchkin out for our afternoon walk! :-)


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