Our Naughty Little Boy Strikes Again!

Funny way to start our day!

Big C left for work early today while I was still sleeping, but he couldn't find his car keys. So when I sent him a message to say good morning, he replied with a message asking me to look for it. Yaya and I looked all over the place, because J was playing with it yesterday, but we couldn't find it anywhere so we started to panic. But I had a feeling that the little rugrat would know where the keys were so we waited for him to wake up.

So J wakes up and we all ask him where Daddy's keys were. I assured him that Mommy wasn't angry, but that I needed his help to find the keys. I was desperate enough to bribe him with an early morning car ride. J just looks at me for a long moment, then clambers down from his bed and crawls straight towards the stairs, so I carried him downstairs.

When I put him down on the floor, he climbs onto the sofa and peers down the back of it. When we moved the couch, the keys were there!

Oh, little boy! As my MIL would say, one person hides something, a hundred people have to look for it!

Hope this made you smile, mommies, cause it sure made me smile. :-)


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