The Mischievous Adventures of my Little J

The purpose of this blog is to be an album of sorts to keep memories of my sons in, and what mother's memory wouldn't be complete without periodic anecdotes of her little ones' funny/adorable/exasperating antics?

Here are some new ones from J:

  • He loves his shoes. Every morning after his bath, he'll insist on wearing his rubber shoes for his morning walk to his grandparents' house. We've taught him how to take it off by himself, and we're working on teaching him how to put it on. He's getting it pretty quickly. Socks are a bit harder for him, though. 
  • He's obsessed with plugging appliances! Oh. My. God. Because of my nightmares of him getting electrocuted, we've been very firm about not letting him play with electrical outlets. (Those safety socket plugs are useless. They are no match for my son's little fingers.) But I kind of get the feeling that the forbidden-ness of the whole thing is what makes it so alluring for him, so after discussing it with C, I've decided to allow him to plug one electric fan into one particular socket at home, but emphasized strict rules on when he is allowed to do it (or as strict as one can possibly get when discussing rules with a 17-month-old toddler). He knows that he is only allowed to plug the fan into that one socket, and only when Mommy, Daddy, or Yaya is around to help him. So far, I think it's working. It's easier to dissuade him from trying with the other sockets when I remind him that he's only allowed to plug the electric fan into that one place.
  • He can stand by himself in the baby pool and has become really brave about dunking his face into the water (but only for a nanosecond!). 
  • He's started showing interest in feeding himself. I mean, he's been able to feed himself finger foods for quite some time now, but lately, he's learning how to hold a spoon and with guidance from Yaya or Mommy, can eat his porridge or mashed veggies on his own. (Rice and soup are a bit too messy, so I haven't let him try with that yet.)
  • When driving around with Daddy, J stays by himself in the back. He sits in the seat or stands while they go in random circles around the complex, but when it's time to come home, he clings to the seat like it's a lifeline because he doesn't want to leave the car. One time, Yaya came to the car door to take him out and he scampered to the other side to get away from her. He was so surprised when the door opened and she was there!
  • He'll pretend to play with your hands, using his small hands to make your hands clap, then before you know it... CHOMP! He's taken a bite out of your finger!
He really cracks me up sometimes. :-)


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