Happy Monday! - April 9, 2012

For most families, I know the long weekend officially ends today. For our little family, the long weekend ended on Easter Sunday, because Big C goes back to work today and it's just a regular Monday for us. To start the week, I look back on the week that has passed and the good things that have happened.
  • The Holy Week break is meant for reflection and religious activities, but for a non-sectarian like me, Holy Week just means a chance to spend some quality time with my husband and son.
  • An enjoyable Black Saturday lunch with old friends who are now expectant parents like Big C and me!
  • My family made it back safely from their epic road trip.
  • An official announcement for ExpoMom 2012!
  • The chance to spend a quiet moment with G.
  • A rare expression of gratitude from a loving husband.
  • Just a little under 50 days until our little family of 3 becomes a little family of 4!
Enjoy the last day of the long weekend, mommies! And here's to a wonderful week ahead. :-)


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