Why I Love Being a Mom and a Blogger

“This is an official entry to Dainty Mom’s Bloggy Goodies Contest, in celebration of the Dainty Mom blog’s 2nd anniversary.”

This Mom's Life is barely a month old, but I'm loving the experience of blogging. But what's so great about being a mom and a blogger that would make a busy mom take time from her schedule to post things on her blog? Well, when I think about it, being a mom and a blogger at the same time is awesome because of four reasons.

1. It's a wonderful way for me to recharge. I've always been good with words (to the point where I tend to ramble), and right now, this has allowed me to work from home as a technical writer. Blogging about my experiences as a mommy allows me to write solely for myself and for the pleasure of it, giving me my much-needed me-time, boosting my energies to face the joys and challenges of being a stay/work-at-home mom.

2. It helps me process and reflect. Putting my experiences into words makes me think about them more thoroughly, from different perspectives, and I end up with interesting insights that I think contribute to my growth as a person and as a mom. 

3. It's something for my sons to read when they're older. Writing about the little things that happen in my sons' lives forces me to be as detailed as possible, in an effort to paint a mental picture for whoever is reading my posts. By doing so, I am able to capture as much of my sons' childhoods as possible. This blog becomes a record of their lives, ultimately something to help them reminisce about our life as a family. For me, it's also an ongoing testament to how central they are to their mother's life.

4. It allows me to give back to other moms. I think this is the best reason of all for me. In preparation for motherhood, and as I go through my days as a mommy, I've turned to blogs written by other moms for advice and inspiration, and I've learned a great deal from them. In the same turn, writing about my adventures in mommyhood allows me to pay it forward and hope that other mommies take pleasure in the things I share about my sons, and learn from my experiences as a stay/work-at-home mom, just as I've learned from the other generous moms who have shared their lives with me through their own blogs. 

Happy day to you all!


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