The Battle with J's Nails

To say that my son doesn't like having his nails cut is an understatement.

He'd cry, squirm away, and bend his little body in impossible angles just to thwart Mommy's plan to trim his nails. Even when he was much smaller, he'd put up a fuss. I tried cutting his nails while he slept, but the little stinker would wake up and pull his hand or foot away. Parking him in front of the TV to keep him distracted while I work at his hands and feet doesn't work either, because he's not interested in TV. Before he learned how to move on his own, cutting his nails was a manageable, albeit noisy experience. But since he gained more control over his entire body, it's been one wrestling match after another. He's REALLY good at squirming away. Last night, he even went so far as to ignore his favorite person in the world, his Daddy, just to avoid getting his nails cut. (Usually, Big C holds J in his lap while I work as fast as I can to trim his fingernails and toenails.)

Then there was that one glorious evening when he miraculously sat still on his Daddy's lap while I trimmed his fingernails and finished in less than 5 minutes. Oh, what a wonderful night that was. And how I wish it would happen again soon. Sigh.

But I guess for now, our nail-trimming sessions will just have to be a battle of wits between parent and child.


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