Oh Happy Day Birth Photography

Sad to say, although the day of J's birth was one of the happiest days of my life, I don't really have any good pictures. Despite my protestations, the nurses took "action shots" (a.k.a. shots of J's head hanging out of Mommy's lady parts). They were also able to take pictures of our Unang Yakap moments, where J was being guided towards my breast. Unfortunately, the nurses, albeit well-meaning in wanting to capture J's first few moments, were far from professional photographers and we ended up with awkward pictures of my boobs and lady parts, which were by the way, shown to the waiting grandparents, including my father-in-law (cringe).

Luckily, expectant mommies have a better option in Oh Happy Day Birth Photography. It's a special service provided by a photographer mom and they have packages that can cater to moms who want the special moments right after delivery captured. Or if you want to document the whole shebang, Oh Happy Day can also be on-call starting two weeks before your due date.

I was lucky enough to chance on the last few hours of a photo package giveaway from Oh Happy Day Birth Photography, sponsored on The Painter's Wife's blog. Her post on Oh Happy Day has some samples of their pictures, which I find very simple and candid, yet capture the first wonderful moments of a new family. Fingers crossed, I finally be the lucky mommy who wins a giveaway contest, because this would be a really wonderful gift for the birth of our Little C.

Here's a sample of a picture by Oh Happy Day, taken from The Painter's Wife:

Simple, but beautiful, right? For mommies who are interested in the services of Oh Happy Day Birth Photography, click on the link to their FB page and browse through more of their samples. I would so love to have shots like that for Little C's birth! My dream shot would have to be a picture of Little C nursing from me while Big C and J sit quietly with us.

How about you, mommies? If you were to win a package like this, what special moment in the birth experience would you want to be captured?


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