Interesting Reading for Expectant Mommies

For mommies who are interested in learning more about Essential Intrapartum Newborn Care, here is an interesting blog referred to me by Jenny of Chronicles of a Nursing Mom. Check out EINC Bulletin. I've only started reading it last night, but I already found lots of good reading material. Some examples include a patient's own experience with EINC in St. Luke's Global City and how some hospitals are making changes in their procedures to consider EINC. It also has articles on new discoveries that resulted from research on EINC. For instance, I never knew that footprinting and suctioning after birth is unnecessary and may cause more harm than good to babies.  Expectant mommies who have time are recommended to read through this blog so that you can discuss your concerns with your OBs. :)

Here's a very useful form that I found on the EINC Bulletin blog, that I'll definitely be printing out to serve as my guide in the first week of nursing Little C. From experience, I know that the first few weeks are the scariest and most nerve-wracking, especially for new mommies and I think if I had this when I was nursing J, it would have been a good way to reassure myself that I was on the right track.


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