The Human Teether

I am a human teether.

At 15 months, my son has four teeth up top, and two at the bottom. In the past week, two more tiny, little baby teeth (I dare you to look at his bottom teeth and not use that description. The top teeth are another story, however. They're HUGE.) are on their way out, and my little one's gums are in a sorry state. Which means that my usually cheery little one has morphed into an irritable little dude, who drools non-stop and gums on everything in sight, including me.

I have a tiny bruise on the inside of my forearm, where JTK took a loving nip yesterday morning. A loving nip means he bit down with all the might in his little body in his quest to relieve the soreness in his mouth. Last night, the poor little dude accidentally hit his mouth against the back of the chair, which meant huge teardrops from him and lots of hugs and kisses from Mama. Before he went to bed, he took another loving nip, this time on my forehead (which thankfully did not leave a bruise). This morning, he found my Bratz jammies fascinating (or he found the little cartoons annoying) and took more loving nips on my right knee, which by now has a nasty bruise.

So in addition to the stretch marks on my tummy, I have new additions to my collection of mommy-battle scars: bite marks from a teething toddler. Here's hoping the rest of his teeth magically appear overnight. (Don't I wish!) :)


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