Breastfeeding Affirmations

Last night, as I was drifting off to sleep, I came up with the idea to make a list of affirmations, or positive statements, for myself to help keep my spirits up in the days when breastfeeding is extremely difficult. (Believe me, there will be those days!) I searched the internet for a list of breastfeeding affirmations (the ones in italics) and picked the ones that I like the best for me to refer to when the time to nurse Little C comes, but I also decided to add some of my own.

  • My body is ready to nourish my baby.
  • My baby and I are learning to nurse together.
  • It's okay if my baby nurses frequently. Babyhood passes fast and this time together is worth it.
  • When my baby fusses, it is not a reflection of my parenting or my ability to nurse.
  • Women have been nursing their babies since the beginning of time. There was no formula two hundred years ago, but the human race survived, didn't it? 
  • My body is complete. It was made to carry my baby in my womb for nine months and now, I trust my body to provide the nourishment that my baby needs. 
  • My milk is the liquid form of the love that I have for my baby. Therefore, I will always have more than enough milk for his needs.
  • My baby is healthy and is gaining weight as he is supposed to. 
  • All my baby needs is me and my milk.
  • My milk is better than any other vaccine in the world and protects my child from as much harm as I possibly can.
  • If I need help, there are people I can call to give me advice and support.
  • (And for really rough days!) This too shall pass. 

As many mommies can attest, the success of my breastfeeding journey will be largely affected by my mindset. I know that there will be days that my resolve will waver, and I will question whether I am providing all that my baby needs. I hope that reading through these affirmative statements will take me back to this time, to this very moment, when all I am is excited about nursing Little C and convinced of my ability to succeed in this, and all the doubts, fears and negative energy will be replaced by optimism and confidence.


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