McGyver MOM-ent

I just had to share my frazzled moment for the day.

Mornings are usually hectic at our house, especially on the days when J has school. This morning, I was pretty on time, ahead even. I was able to prepare the meat for tonight's dinner, have breakfast, make J's baon and take a shower, all before my 7:20 morning pump to leave milk for Little C.
While J sang and danced in class, I was in the car finishing my 9:00 pump when I realized what I missed this morning.
I'd forgotten to bring covers for the breastmilk bottles. 
Oh no.
So, borne out of desperation, here's my mommy fix to the problem. Not the most sanitary solution, but at least I didn't have to throw out the milk. Don't worry, I made sure the plastic's clean and the scrunchie never touched the rim of the bottle. :-)

breastmilk bottle covered with a sheet of plastic and sealed with a scrunchie


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