Happy 4th!

Four years, three children and a lifetime ago, I stood in a church, in front of all my friends and family, and promised to take this man to be my lawfully wedded husband.

Since that day, Big C and I have gone through so much in such a short span of time. Our vows of for better or worse were tested early on in our marriage, when "worse" was epitomized by the devastating loss of our eldest son that shattered our rose-colored views of the future and life in general. Because of that, we found strength in each other, and we've learned to be more grateful. We were uncomplicated people to begin with, but after our son passed away, we've taken greater pleasure in simple things such as good health, good food, shared laughter and moments with our kids.

More than once, I have said that my husband is the most wonderful blessing I have received. Without him, I would not have had my three wonderful sons, and I would not have a partner to share the crazy adventures of parenting with. That being said, I have to admit that my husband is probably the least romantic man in the world. He didn't get teary-eyed during our wedding, as most grooms do. We've been together for 12 years and I have yet to receive a single flower from him, not even a humble sampaguita or kalachuchi. (Good thing  that I find flowers to be a useless gift because they're so expensive and then they just die.) Big C is also one of the least demonstrative people in the world, never the type to wear his heart on his sleeve.

Despite this, my husband has never failed to make me feel loved. Big C is the prime example of how love is not expressed through flowers and chocolates, or through big romantic gestures.

For Big C, love is shown in the small things that make up the day to day of a married couple's life together. Among his many simple expressions of love, he gives me the whole block of feta on his burger without me even asking because he knows it's my favorite. He has never refused a single food craving I had through all my three pregnancies (and even the cravings I had before, in between and after said pregnancies). He tells me I look perfect even though I have yet to lose the ten extra pounds left over from giving birth. He waits for me to finish getting ready for bed even though I take forever and he's super tired and sleepy. He downloads my favorite TV shows without me needing to ask him to do it. Most of all, I know he loves me because after we lost G, he chose to be my rock to let me cry, grieve and heal. Because of him, I found the strength to laugh and look forward again.

That being said, happy 4th anniversary to my one and only! Four years down, and forever to look forward to!


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