My Little Princes!

In the beginning, we had a little bit of trouble when we brought Little C home. J would cry when he saw his little brother being handed to me for nursing and he would often scramble to sit on my lap to beat Little C to it. He'd point to Little C, then to his Yaya's boob, meaning that his shoti should nurse from Yaya instead of Mommy. He'd also fuss when his Daddy would pay attention to shoti. We also had some instances where he would hit Little C (although not too hard, thankfully).

But 2 weeks later, my boys are getting along much better. J has learned to use a gentler touch with his brother and he seems very fascinated by this new little person in our household. It doesn't bother him as much when he sees Little C nursing from me, although sometimes he still asks me to give Little C to Yaya and he's still a bit clingy with me. Whenever he sees his brother, he'd wave, "hi!" and giggle a little bit. When Little C is in his baby basket or when I'm holding him, J likes touching his little feet, hands and hair. Just this week, we were able to take this short video of one of the first special moments between my boys.

As parents, Big C and I have no other wish than to see our boys get along. Even when Little C was still in my tummy, we would say that nothing would make us happier. Now, I always tell J that he has to protect his little brother because he's bigger and stronger (and when I say 'strong', he makes a growling noise and does the macho arms thing that boys do) and that when Little C is bigger, he'll learn to protect and help his Ahya as well. I also told him that he's been given a very wonderful gift, a friend who will always be with him wherever he goes, just like his two playmates, sisters Elise and Erika. He seems to get it, and hopefully, Big C and I get our wish and our boys will be the best of friends. :-)


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