Countdown: 23 Days to Go!

According to my ever-reliable app, we have 23 days left until Little C's expected birthday. But as most mommies already know, that count is plus/minus 14 days, since there's a 2-week window before and after your estimated due date (EDD) when the baby can come out. In my case, since it's my third baby, I'm guessing we won't make it past my EDD. I'm getting a weird feeling that Little C might make his grand entrance ahead of time. I may or may not have only 9 days to prepare everything for my youngest son's arrival.

My Braxton-Hicks contractions are getting stronger and happening more frequently. Fortunately, they're still irregular, which means I'm not in labor. Survival rates are already very good for 36-week old fetuses, but according to my doctor and the books and articles I've read, 38 weeks is better. (When I asked Big C, he said he'd be happy if I gave birth as soon as I hit my 38th completed week because he sees how uncomfortable I am already and he feels bad for me.)

As of the last ultrasound, Little C was 6 lbs. and 3 oz., which is a good weight for a 36-week old fetus. If he stays on track and gains weight as he should, he should be at least 7 lbs. by the 38th completed week. That's a pretty decent weight for a newborn. I would prefer though, that he make it to the 39th week. That will give him more time to grow stronger and bigger inside my tummy.

Based on the doctor's abdominal palpation during my last doctor's appointment, Little C is already lodged in my birth canal, so she gave me an IE to check my cervix for dilation and effacement. I was relieved when she said that my cervix was still closed and very thick, so I should be okay even with the contractions.

At this point, I'd like to say that I hate IEs. They're fourth on my list of the grossest things that a woman goes through when giving birth. First is pooping for the first time after your episiotomy (which they make sure you do before they discharge you from the hospital), the second is the first IE after your episiotomy and the third is, of course, the episiotomy. I'm fearless about giving birth, but I have to admit, the episiotomy still freaks me out. Since Little C is smaller than big brother J was, I'm hoping with my fingers (and toes) crossed that I won't need one this time.

I should mention that I'd like to thank one of my friends for the best advice I got about childbirth. Mommies, do not EVER refuse the perilite treatment. In fact, I suggest you ask for it. It's like a UV light that they shine on your lady parts after birth to help the stitches heal faster. It's also really soothing.

Anyway, having gone on maternity leave 3 days ago, my workload is considerably lighter, but the errands and tasks at home are piling up. I still have my weekly doctor's appointments and one more doctor's appointment for J before I give birth. With my mom's birthday also coming up, one last breastfeeding class, lunch with relatives and a mommy expo to attend, my schedule is still packed despite the moratorium I've imposed on myself to ease up and get some rest. There's also groceries to buy to make sure the house is stocked up, a new maid to train and bank errands to run because I'll be on house arrest for a month. But despite all of these, I'm really happy that I've gotten several things crossed off my list of things to do.

So far, we've finished washing all the clothes that Little C will use and they're drying in the sun as I type. Our hospital bag is 50% packed already; all that's missing is Little C's stuff (I'll get to that after I finish writing this post). The other stuff we need for the hospital (kitchen things) will be packed next week. (With a toddler around the house, I'm not inclined to leaving dishes and other breakables within easy reach.)

Now that I think about it, that's only two things and one of them is only half-done. Hm.

Okay. I think I have to get back to preparing now. Till the next post, mommies!


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