My Little C is 1!

This Mothers' Day was triple-special for me. First, of course, because it's Mothers' Day, and I remember that I get to celebrate this day, not just because I was raised by a wonderful mother, but also because I now have the honor of being the mommy of two of the bestest boys in the world, my J and my Little C.

Second, this Mothers' Day marks my anniversary as a breastfeeding mommy. Yes, I managed to make it to a year. Yay me! There have been more than a few rough spots, and we are still mixed feeding, but formula only enters the picture for one or two feedings a day. Despite the fact that Little C is not exclusively breastfed, the larger part of his diet is composed of mommy's milk. I am also proud to say that my son will only take formula late at night, when he's asleep and can't tell the difference. During the daytime, it's only mommy's milk for him. If we try to give him formula because I missed a pump, he'd rather just take water. Also, this breastfeeding journey is much more successful than the last one, and I'm super thankful for that.

Third, because I have now been breastfeeding for a year, that means one other thing: my little munchkin is now one year old!

In honor of his first birthday, I'd like to take a little trip down the memory lane of his first year of life.

Hello, world! He's out!
First picture with Mommy
In the nursery
His first picture with his Ahya
The day we brought him home from the hospital. Look, he and Elmo are the same size!
Tummy time!
First time in the sling
The day he got his coral bracelets, marking his first month
Morning playtime with Daddy

The first time we captured his smile on camera
Caleb, being Caleb!

Picture time with Mommy
We were saving these red pajamas for him, but by the time we let him try it, he was too big for it, so he only got to wear it once. :)
Enjoying the bouncer he inherited from his Ahya J
Fresh from a bath
The first time we put him in his booster seat
Because Mommy should also be in the picture!
His first TPC pictorial

His first haircut by Angkong, according to family tradition

After Mommy cut off the rest of his hair!

Before his morning bath
Being carried around in a pouch sling

His first carousel ride

Milestone: crawling on hands and knees
First time to hold his own bottle!
He loves to watch TV!
His first Christmas
Hanging out with his "batchmate", Sophea
Family day with Daddy & Mommy's friends
Welcome to the Christian world!
A picture with his cousins at his 1st birthday party
Happy birthday to my Little C! I can't believe it's been a year already. It feels like it was just yesterday that I was in the delivery room, and now, Little C is well on his way to toddlerhood. He's standing by himself now, and although he has yet to take his first steps, he gets around well enough because he crawls crazy fast. He's a curious little boy, and he loves to eat! He'll try any kind of food, and he gets mad when we take too long to give him his next bite. He's a loving little boy, who loves to be tickled and tumble with us. He adores his big brother and would follow him anywhere. He loves Mickey Mouse, and would smile and laugh when he watches his favorite show.

To my Little C, thank you for coming into our lives. Daddy and I used to think that we were just fine with one child, but when you came, you completed our little family in a way that we never imagined. You brighten my days with your smiles, and I am so proud of you. Your hugs and slobbery little kisses are the best things in my world. To hear you laugh makes me happy like nothing else does. You are a happy, wonderful little boy, and I have nothing but the best intentions and brightest dreams for you. I hope that you grow up to find your passion in life, and whatever it is, you can be sure that your Mama will be there to support you, to cheer you on and to believe in you even if you don't believe in yourself. Most of all, I hope you live a long and happy life, that you always stay healthy, and that one day you find someone to share your life with, the same way that Daddy and I have each other.

Sometimes I wish you would stay my baby forever. When I look at you, usually when you're sleeping, I marvel at the changes that time has wrought on you. So much has changed in a year, and I'm sure so much more will change as you grow older. I hope though, that some things will stay the same: that you will stay the same loving boy you are now, that you stay happy and healthy, and that you will always let me call you my sweet baby boy, even when you grow big enough to be the one to carry your Mama.  

I love you so much, my sweet boy. Whatever happens, that much will always be true.

Forever and always,


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