Happy MOM-ents with Big Brother J

The latest picture of my little boys

A quick post to record a happy memory!

As I was hard at work on today's project, I heard J calling out "Mama!" (to hear my son calling me never fails to bring a smile to my face.) from the playroom. I look up from the computer to see him holding Little C's empty bottle in his hand. (Translation: Mama! Shoti has no more milk! Get more, please!)

I love how he learns to help take care of his little brother more and more each day. We've pretty much gotten past the phase where he hits Little C (with "pretty much" being the operative words), and each day I see him grow to become Little C's big brother in more ways. For example, upon waking in the morning, his first word is "baby" and when Little C cries, he'll run to grab Little C's bottle and give it to him. My baby boy is really growing up so quickly.

But that doesn't mean J's shenanigans have stopped!

The other day, he saw me wearing my going-out clothes and of course, he wanted to ride the car. I told him that I wasn't leaving yet, but that we could take a ride later when I leave. I said I still have to make milk for Shoti before I go.

So what did car-crazy J do?

He grabbed Little C's empty bottle and pointed toward our room, to the chair where I usually sit and express breastmilk for Little C! (Translation: Go make milk, Mama, so we can ride the car NOW!)

A happy day to you all! Looking forward to the weekend that is just around the corner, but for now, I have to get back to work. Till the next post!


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